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Fort Worth United Soccer Club graphics and logo files 0

Fort Worth United Soccer Club graphics and logo files

Below are the graphics and logo files we used at Fort Worth United Soccer Club for the creation of brochures, T-Shirts, club banners, tournament materials, etc. I also included some DFW United files (our long-term plan was to expand the club beyond Fort Worth under the DFW United name).


Fort Worth United Soccer Club

In the late 1990’s, I became involved with competitive or “select” soccer in North Texas. By the early 2000’s, I became President of a local competitive soccer club named Fort Worth United Soccer Club (FWU). I served in that capacity for several years, reaching the maximum term allowed by the Club’s bylaws. An agreement was reached for me to serve one more year but by that time, my boys were aging out of competitive soccer and I was worn out and ready to get back to a more normal life. I agreed to stay one more year and assist with the transition to new leadership. And then I was gone.


Pocket Legends Archer Build Guide

I found this great game that’s similar to World of Warcraft, is cheap, and playable on my Android mobile device and my PC (plays in the Google Chrome browser). The graphics are great and comparable to World of Warcraft graphics except the world is somewhat limited (imagine World of Warcraft dungeons with walls limiting the area you can travel in). The performance on my Droid Bionic and in the Google Chrome browser is very impressive too.

A homeless man and his dog 0

A homeless man and his dog

I ran across this powerful picture which lead me to a bit of research on the homeless problem. Although difficult to measure, it is estimated that between 2.3 and 3.5 million people will experience homelessness.


How to hide entertainment system wiring

I ran across this photo and thought it was brilliant. A common problem, what to do with the entertainment center wires, and this guy took a tack I had never thought of – just hide the wires in plain sight but bend them in such a manner that the represent the angular lines of a circuit board. In essences, he’s taken the ugly mess of wires and turned them into “art”.


Universal Studios California Backlot Tour

One of the most interesting things we saw on our 2001 Southern California vacation was the backlot tour of Universal Studios. Below are pictures I took during the tour of the Universal Studios California Backlot Tour. Tours are given in trams with a guide narrating the scenes. Depending on when you go, areas of the backlot are sometimes closed while they are filming.


World of Warcraft – Level 19 Rogue Twink Notes

Back in the day, I build a level 19 Rogue twink that ruled in the World of Warcraft battlegrounds. Building the twink character was probably as hard or harder than leveling my Hunter to 80. Here are the notes that I gathered and used to level the twink to 19 (with the assistance of my Level 50 Druid and Level 80 Hunter).

Reading the engine diagnostic codes on a Nissan Altima 0

Reading the engine diagnostic codes on a Nissan Altima

How to read the engine diagnostic code The following applied to a 2004 Nissan Altima but I believe any Nissan uses this method. The Service Engine Soon light will come on and stay on...


Crazy Scrabble Words

Been playing a lot of Wordfeud on my Droid and realized that there really is an art to Scrabble. Here are some game notes that I’ve picked up.