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Installing an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Reporting Interface

An intrusion detection system (IDS) can perform log analysis, check file integrity, monitor policy changes, and keep an eye out for rootkit installations and alert you when a threat is first suspected. The IDS that I chose for my host was OSSES HIDS, an open source host-based Intrusion Detection System offered by Trend Micro. Here’s how I installed OSSEC on my hosted Linux VPS and Splunk on a local Windows machine to monitor.


Gaining Shell Access via Local File Inclusion Vulnerabilities

My firewall caught some odd injection attempts which lead to research on the intent of the hackers. Turns out it was an attempt to gain Shell access via Local File Inclusion vulnerabilities and injection of malicious code in proc/self/environ. Research lead to the following step-by-step instructions on what was being attempted (listed below).


Remotely monitoring your children’s computers using iTalc

Using iTalc on your private home network, you can monitor your kid’s activities and keep an eye on what websites they are browsing, what they are doing on social networking sites like Facebook, and even watch as they read their email. There are other tools that offer similar functions such as keylogging tools and web site blockers, but iTalc is a perfect addition to your arsenal of child protection tools.

Security and Hacking Notes 0

Security and Hacking Notes

Encryption and Authentication DESCRIPTION Privacy protection using DES (symmetric algorithm) involves the use of two secret keys. Each party must share their secret key with others. This makes this sort of encryption difficult to...