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A creative, quality-minded Software Engineer/Computer Programmer with over thirty years experience programming web based, mobile/tablet, client-server, and mainframe applications covering a broad range of functional areas. Knowledgeable in a multitude of computer languages and software packages on multiple hardware/OS platforms. Ability to manage multiple tasks; efficient in organizing and prioritizing assigned duties; experienced in managing personnel and leading large group projects. Dependable, reliable worker; intend to contribute to future company’s success through hard work and the contribution of innovative ideas.



University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas 1984 – 1987 BBA Systems Analysis

Continuing Education (classroom training, not including self-study)

PLI, Oracle Systems Administration, Oracle PL/SQL Programming, Unix, Cyborg Solution Series, Microsoft Access, Project Management, Web Administration, Internet Security, Internet/Intranet Applications Architecture, Oracle Developer 2000, Oracle Designer 2000, Project Management, Project Management II, Microsoft Projects

Experience 1987 – present

New Mexico Gas Company – Albuquerque, NM

Lead Programmer Analyst (2008- present)

Lead application developer in applications group responsible for SharePoint intranet site, external facing customer website (,, based), and Oracle enterprise applications (PeopleSoft, PowerPlant, Service Suite, and custom in-house Oracle based applications).

Notable projects: installation and upgrade of SharePoint intranet, development and maintenance of external facing website, installation and porting of Unix (Solaris) based Service Suite application, installation of OSSEC/Splunk IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

Texas-New Mexico Power Co. Fort Worth, TX

Web Applications Development Supervisor (2005 – 2008)

Supervise small to mid-sized working group of Web Application Developers. Act as technical lead on complex projects, assist application developers with technical questions, work with business owners on project specifications and development.

Project Coordinator (2003 – 2005)

Act as project/technical lead on complex projects – develop and present solutions that promote efficiencies and accelerate market acquisitions, assist application owners in development of business requirements, develop application technical requirements, perform system analysis and design, develop unit and system test plans, schedule programmer tasks, and assist with debugging and problem resolution.

Major project endeavors include:

Lead “mass market enrollment” project that resulted in dramatic reduction in costs associated with the acquisition of new customers and a significant reduction in turn-around time. Application was written using ASP.Net, VB.Net, Oracle PL/SQL, XML, and gateways to third parties (real time credit card processing, credit checks).

Promoted and lead “contact system” project that resulted in significant reduction in call turn-around time and reduced costs. Reverse engineering existing systems (Oracle Forms/Reports based) and introduced new automated functionalities that produced further cost reductions. Application was written using ASP.Net, ASP, VB.Net, Oracle PL/SQL.

Acted as technical project lead on installation/upgrade of Oracle financial systems (AP, AR, PA, GL, HR/Payroll, Project Management) to Oracle 11i. Lead Installation, debugged/resolved problems, assisted programmers with coding/development questions.

Applications Specialist (1997 – 2003)

Act as project lead on new application systems development. Gather and document project requirements, budget and assign resources, assign work tasks to analysts and programmers, oversee program development activities, monitor project status, report results to management.

Develop, maintain, and manage the corporate Web sites (several separate sites running on multiple servers) and internal intranet using HTML/DHTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, ASP, .Net, and COM/DCOM/ActiveX. Create custom server extensions (dl’s written in C++) when needed. Maintain security and OS performance on a NT/Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 platforms.

Responsible for new internet based application development (examples include online auction application, web based call support system, customer information systems, business partner portals). Responsible for advanced application development projects using C/C++ (Windows and Unix), Unix shell scripting, Visual Basic, Java, SQL/PL SQL, Pro*C, Developer 2000, and Microsoft Access.

Responsible for new, emerging technology development, implementations, and recommendations. Duties primarily encompass the learning of new technologies and demonstration of their abilities and applicability within our existing environment. Examples include the introduction of the first client/server application in our company, introduction of our first web site (1996), introduction of our first wireless/mobile based application, and introduction of our first .NET application, introduction of our first XML based application.

Maintain Oracle Applications security and Windows 2000/Unix application environments (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Project Accounting, Human Resources, Payroll, and Oracle Training) on Windows NT and UNIX platforms. Oracle Applications environments include character mode (Unix based), Smart Client (client/server), and NCA (java/web).

Maintain security and applications environment on a SCT Banner Customer Information system. System is Oracle Forms 4.5 system running over Citrix. Provide support to developers/programmers when problems that cross application boundaries arise or when complexity falls outside the programmers area of expertise.

Provide assistance/guidance with proper design and development strategies. Provide user support when problems with the Oracle or SCT Banner applications arise. This includes acting as the mediator between users, developers, and Oracle Technical Support. Assist DBA(s) on Oracle Application installations and upgrades as needed. Have acted as technical support lead for 10.6, 10.7 NCA, and 11i Oracle Financials upgrades.

Senior Programmer/Analyst (1994-1997)

Develop and maintain Client/Server based application systems using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and C++. Develop, maintain, and manage the corporate Web sites.

Programmer Analyst A (1992-1994)

Develop and maintain Client/Server based application systems. Develop and maintain Mainframe Customer Information System application, engineering systems.

Programmer Analyst B (1990-1992)

Develop and maintain Mainframe Customer Information System application, 401K system, Financials systems, Payroll system, Inventory system.

Programmer Analyst (1987-1990)

Develop and maintain mainframe Financials applications (Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Payroll).

1981 – present (part-time work)

Owner Operator of SparTech Software

Turbomeca USA (contract) – converted web site to ASP and fixed several irregularities and design problems.

Casting Source (contract) – retrofit and conversion of existing web “magazine” and online catalog to ASP technology.

AEC Nelmor (contract) – conversion of existing site to MS Sql Server.

Develop various application software packages using Visual Basic, Visual C/C++, and Microsoft Access. Applications were distributed as shareware via the Internet and on retail CD. Applications have been featured on America Online, CompuServe, Prodigy, and Ziff-Davis (one was awarded 4-stars in a Ziff-Davis product review). Applications have been distributed on CDs in retail stores (one featured on the cover), carried on several major Internet sites, and written/reviewed in magazines in the US and overseas. One application was featured as CNET’s Shareware of the Week (1997).

Experience developing TCP/IP based applications using C/C++. Applications including Email reader/utility, Usenet reader/utility, Web “spider”, Web harvester, web up-time monitor, and a security monitor.

Develop and maintain several Web sites for fun and profit. Some sites have been written about in national level magazines, referenced in retail IT books, and featured on video. One site has been distributed on several educational CDs. One site was spotlighted in the American Library Journal twice (October 1998 and 1999 issues), reviewed in the Washington Times (November 1999) and mentioned in the New York Times (January 2010).

Develop and maintain several Google Android based applications which are distributed on Google’s Android Market.  One has over 25,000 installs and is rated 4.7 stars (out of 5 stars possible).

Perform miscellaneous contract programming duties. Applications include Visual Basic Development, C++ development, MS Access Development, IIS Active Server Pages development (database integration).

Technology Experience – Client Server and Web Applications 1979 – Current


ASP.Net, VB.Net. C#, HTML 5, Visual Basic, C/C++ (MFC, OWL), MS Access Basic, Active Server Pages (ASP), HTML / DHTML, HTML5, XML, SQL / PLSQL, JavaScript / VBScript, PHP, Java (Enterprise, Android Mobile), Oracle Web Toolkit, CGI (perl, shell), C/Pro*C, MS Help, Apple Basic, Developer 2000, UML, Designer 2000, Assembler (Apple, MS, IBM), PeopleSoft PeopleCode

Software Applications

Microsoft .NET technologies (1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0), Java Development Kit, Oracle Financials (9, 10.7 SC/NCA, 11i), PeopleSoft HR and PeopleSoft Financials, PowerPlant, Service Suite, Oracle Systems Administrator, SCT Banner, AppWorx, Visual J++, Oracle JBuilder, MS FrontPage/SharePoint Designer/Expressions Web, Visual Studio (97, 6.0, .Net 2002, .Net 2003, .Net 2005, .Net 2008, .Net 2010, .Net 2012), Eclipse, WordPress, Windows LiveWriter, Oracle Designer 2000, Oracle Developer 2000, Crystal Reports, Adobe Photoshop, MS Visio, MS Project, PowerBuilder


Oracle (7.3, 8.0, 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g), MS SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Quest Spotlight, Oracle Enterprise Manager, ADO, ADO.Net, SQL Plus, Toad, PLSQL Developer , MySQL


Web Services (REST, SOAP, Hybrid), Custom Controls, COM, DCOM, ActiveX Dll’s, MTS, IIS, Apache, MKS Toolkit, Mobile (Google Android), security (Backtrack5 security framework, Greenbone Security, Metasploit/Armitage)

Operating Systems

MS DOS 3.0 >, Windows 3.1, Windows 95,98 ,Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Windows NT Server (3.51, 4.0, 2000, 2003, 2008), UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Slackware Linux, RedHat Linux, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, Backtrack, Kali), Apple DOS, CMS

Technology Experience - Mainframe 1987 – 1997


COBOL, OS/JCL, CICS, CLIST, SQL, MarkIV, EasyTrieve, AS, Empire, Transaction Analyzer, Assembler, PLI, VRW, Cyborg English Language, Cyborg Report Writer

Software Applications/DBMS

TSO/ISPF, VSAM, IMS/DLI, CA-Librarian Elips, CA-Abend Aid, Xerox PDL/DIDE, SDF, ADR Datacom DB, CMS, SI General Ledger, SI Accounts Payable

Operating Systems


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