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I’m a computer software engineer / programmer analyst whose internal gearing provides only two speeds – stopped or full throttle. For over 30 years my passion has been the study and implementation new science and technologies. I am an avid fitness nut who works out several times each week and loves playing sports (but can’t sit still long enough to watch them on TV) but is nerdy enough to be an avid reader of all sorts of books, journals, and magazines (particularly if the topic is technology related or esoteric enough to make me scratch my head in wonder).

Brian Haddock Resume 0

Brian Haddock Resume

A creative, quality-minded software engineer with over twenty years experience programming mainframe, pc client server, and internet web based applications covering a broad range of functional areas. The following is my current resume.

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My Old Software 0

My Old Software

In the early 1990’s, I distributed several commercial software packages. Applications such as children’s and adult level games, Internet applications and online games, advanced testing applications, and programmer utilities were included in the SparTech repertoire. The following are the software applications that were distributed.

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My Sites 0

My Sites

The following websites are owned and maintained by me.

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