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8 Great Netcat (nc) unix commands 0

8 Great Netcat (nc) unix commands

Netcat or nc (the command) is a networking utility for debugging and investigating a network, typically by creating and utilizing raw TCP/IP connections.  Known as “The Swiss Army Knife for TCP/IP”, nc is used...

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Passwordless logins in Unix 0

Passwordless logins in Unix

Connecting via SSH, requires a user provide his identity to the remote machine using one of several methods. One method lets you access the remote system without entering a password at each login. Normally, when you log in to a system, you authenticate by entering your password for that system. Your password goes, as it is typed, to the remote system, which authenticates it against the /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow file. By contrast, SSH allow a “password-less” authentication method based on public-key cryptography.

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Useful Unix Commands 0

Useful Unix Commands

Useful Unix commands To search text in files and all subdirectories find [directory] -name [files] | xargs grep [text to search for] Example to find “insert” in the odb directory (search all files in...

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