Crazy Scrabble Words

Been playing a lot of Wordfeud on my Droid and realized that there really is an art to Scrabble. Here are some game notes that I’ve picked up.

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Passwordless logins in Unix 0

Passwordless logins in Unix

Connecting via SSH, requires a user provide his identity to the remote machine using one of several methods. One method lets you access the remote system without entering a password at each login. Normally, when you log in to a system, you authenticate by entering your password for that system. Your password goes, as it is typed, to the remote system, which authenticates it against the /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow file. By contrast, SSH allow a “password-less” authentication method based on public-key cryptography.

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Security and Hacking Notes 0

Security and Hacking Notes

Encryption and Authentication DESCRIPTION Privacy protection using DES (symmetric algorithm) involves the use of two secret keys. Each party must share their secret key with others. This makes this sort of encryption difficult to...

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Oracle DBA Notes 0

Oracle DBA Notes

Useful Oracle DBMS Tips and Tricks CHECKING WORKSPACE ALLOCATION On DW’s NT box, click on the svmgr button on the toolbar. Log in as SYSTEM. Click Storage and the Tablespace tab. The percentages are...

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Useful Unix Commands 0

Useful Unix Commands

Useful Unix commands To search text in files and all subdirectories find [directory] -name [files] | xargs grep [text to search for] Example to find “insert” in the odb directory (search all files in...

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Brian Haddock Resume 0

Brian Haddock Resume

A creative, quality-minded software engineer with over twenty years experience programming mainframe, pc client server, and internet web based applications covering a broad range of functional areas. The following is my current resume.

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My Old Software 0

My Old Software

In the early 1990’s, I distributed several commercial software packages. Applications such as children’s and adult level games, Internet applications and online games, advanced testing applications, and programmer utilities were included in the SparTech repertoire. The following are the software applications that were distributed.

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My Sites 0

My Sites

The following websites are owned and maintained by me.

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