This morning I was reading a tech article that lead me to an interesting application/website. It stands for (if this then that). It’s basically a “trigger”system that ties into tons of services including RSS, Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, general email, Flickr, LinkedIn,, Read it Later (which I love), WordPress, etc. It even has triggers for text messages, phone calls, stocks and bonds, and the weather.

Imagine setting a trigger that says “if it is going to rain tomorrow then send me a text message” or “every time I change my Facebook profile picture also change my Twitter profile picture”. The possibilities seem endless.

You set up “tasks” and then save them as “recipes”. You can download recipes that other people have created. Some interesting ones:

If it is going to rain tomorrow text/phone/email me

When a new book is added to the Kindle Top 100 Free eBooks, shoot me an email

When I star an article in Google Reader, send it to Evernote.

Archive all of my tweets to Google Calendar

When I text “X”, call me on the phone (easy way to get out of an uncomfortably long conversation).

Tweet all my friends on the first day of New Year at midnight

I have a meeting I need to get out of so call me at X:XX so I can excuse myself

When I flag an article in Google Reader, post it to my personal blog

When I like a photo in Instagram, post it to Facebook

Text me if MSFT stock goes over $29.00

When I mark a favorite video on Youtube, post it on my personal blog

Journal all the meetings on my calendar into Evernote

When I upload a image to Facebook, archive that picture off in my Dropbox


It’s a new startup that’s just come out of private beta to public beta. Very cool.


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