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Fort Worth United Soccer Club graphics and logo files 0

Fort Worth United Soccer Club graphics and logo files

Below are the graphics and logo files we used at Fort Worth United Soccer Club for the creation of brochures, T-Shirts, club banners, tournament materials, etc. I also included some DFW United files (our long-term plan was to expand the club beyond Fort Worth under the DFW United name).

8 Great Netcat (nc) unix commands 0

8 Great Netcat (nc) unix commands

Netcat or nc (the command) is a networking utility for debugging and investigating a network, typically by creating and utilizing raw TCP/IP connections.  Known as “The Swiss Army Knife for TCP/IP”, nc is used...


The Secret in the Bible book puzzle solution

The Secret in the Bible by Tony Bushby has quite a few factual errors and is more of an atheist “push my agenda” type of book rather than a historical review of the subject matter. There was one interesting aspect to the book though. It included a “puzzle” whereby each of the sixteen chapters contained a secret word that when put together in a sentence reveals ancient knowledge so secret, Bushby was not allowed to outright reveal them in his book for fear of some sort of extremely viscous retribution from someone (boy, have I got news for him).


Detecting and blocking click fraud on sites

Google policies dictate prevention of click fraud falls on the shoulders of the site owner and bans AdSense accounts for invalid clicks with practically no chance of getting that account back in good standing. Here’s how to detect and prevent invalid clicks on your sites AdSense advertisements.


Fort Worth United Soccer Club

In the late 1990’s, I became involved with competitive or “select” soccer in North Texas. By the early 2000’s, I became President of a local competitive soccer club named Fort Worth United Soccer Club (FWU). I served in that capacity for several years, reaching the maximum term allowed by the Club’s bylaws. An agreement was reached for me to serve one more year but by that time, my boys were aging out of competitive soccer and I was worn out and ready to get back to a more normal life. I agreed to stay one more year and assist with the transition to new leadership. And then I was gone.


Pocket Legends Archer Build Guide

I found this great game that’s similar to World of Warcraft, is cheap, and playable on my Android mobile device and my PC (plays in the Google Chrome browser). The graphics are great and comparable to World of Warcraft graphics except the world is somewhat limited (imagine World of Warcraft dungeons with walls limiting the area you can travel in). The performance on my Droid Bionic and in the Google Chrome browser is very impressive too.