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Computer built into the desk

A Dutch man built this and posted it on tweakers.net (a Dutch website but translates to English pretty good using Google Chrome). He took a gaming computer system that he had and rather than change out the case, built a desk around it. He mocked up the design using Google Sketch, had his friend weld the aluminum frame and desk, installed thick glass as the desk top, and assembled the computer hardware into the desk frame. I believe the cooling system is in the drawer section to the right.

New 3D Tri-Gate chips coming from Intel 0

New 3D Tri-Gate chips coming from Intel

Silicon wafers used in computer chipsets (processors) have typically been two dimensional. On May 4, 2011, Intel announced a 3-D transistor technology, called Tri-Gate, that ensures Moore’s Law, which predicts that chipset transistor density doubles every two years, keeps pace. Dense chipsets allow Intel to pack more computer cycles (with less power usage) onto a single chip. By building above the chip’s surface, Intel can build chipsets that are smaller, faster, and use less power. The Tri-Gate transistors will be used in a line of 22 nanometer processors (code named Ivy Bridge) and ready for production use by 2012.