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Pocket Legends Archer Build Guide

I found this great game that’s similar to World of Warcraft, is cheap, and playable on my Android mobile device and my PC (plays in the Google Chrome browser). The graphics are great and comparable to World of Warcraft graphics except the world is somewhat limited (imagine World of Warcraft dungeons with walls limiting the area you can travel in). The performance on my Droid Bionic and in the Google Chrome browser is very impressive too.


World of Warcraft – Level 19 Rogue Twink Notes

Back in the day, I build a level 19 Rogue twink that ruled in the World of Warcraft battlegrounds. Building the twink character was probably as hard or harder than leveling my Hunter to 80. Here are the notes that I gathered and used to level the twink to 19 (with the assistance of my Level 50 Druid and Level 80 Hunter).